My Buddy & Me happily serves and supports Metro Atlanta area teens and young adults with special needs between the ages of 13 and 25. 

Our Mission

My Buddy & Me is committed to creating a safe, healthy and loving environment where special needs teens and young adults can thrive.

Established in 2014, we aim to provide activities to immerse participants into typical experiences as teens and young adults, assist them in establishing some form of independence in their daily routine and hygiene, and provide families with additional support beyond school hours.

My Buddy & Me is a gift to the families of special needs young people in the Metro Atlanta area. Keep doing what you are doing—you are truly making an impact.”
— Donor & Supporter

We are so grateful that My Buddy & Me recognizes the unique needs of these young adults and provides an active day program that goes far beyond just day-care; it is centered around learning self-help skills, fostering independence, and nurturing a circle of friends. One expectation is that each young adult will do as much for themselves as possible, with help available if needed. For example, as Jack’s mom, I have noticed a marked improvement in Jack’s ability to navigate in a store and participate in the check-out process since working with the My Buddy & Me team. It is obvious to us that the this team has a passion and love for these young adults and truly wants the best out of life for them. You don’t find that dedication very often or with such sincerity and hard work, and so we are so very appreciative of all they do!”

— Parent of a Participant