Our team is here to support your teen or young adult to grow and thrive.


Gerard Brister, Co-Founder


Over the past 15 years Gerard has dedicated himself to working with teens and youth who are both typical and differently-abled. He has served in many capacities as an after school care provider, a youth counselor and a youth activities coordinator at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville Youth Activity Center, the YMCA, Elaine Clark Center and Heart of Hope Academy. Gerard enjoys what he does and hopes to provide young people with special needs opportunities that enhance their quality of life and immerse them into "typical" environments that allow them to grow. He is currently attending Georgia State University to obtain a degree in education. In his free time, he enjoys taking photos (including all images for My Buddy & Me), listening to music, driving his 1964 Chevy Nova and playing football and frisbee.


Keith Griggs Jr., Co-Founder


Keith has specialized working with special needs children, teens and young adults for more than 10 years. He has served as an out-of-school service coordinator and after school care provider working with young people at the YMCA as well as the Elaine Clark Center and Heart of Hope Academy. Keith has invested himself in what he loves to do—to support parents and guardians of special needs children and to encourage these young people to grow, smile and gain some level of independence. Raised in East Atlanta, Keith currently resides in Decatur, GA, with his wife of 6 years, Etrulia, and his two children, Nalani and Keith III.